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Notebook and Pen


Making Every Class Count

Need a little help with an essay or a long-term partner as a ghost writer? I am committed to helping you reach your goals.

A track record of academic excellence led to a journalism career, to employment as an English instructor at Central Carolina Community College, and I am a published author.

I earned a BS in mass communications and journalism and an MFA in creative writing/screenplay writing.

Contact me at with a brief on your needs.

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Notebook and Pen

My Story

Learn to proofread, synthesize material, how to take notes for research papers, and more. There are no tricks to writing an engaging piece, but there are skills, and it takes practice.

Tutoring classmates as an elder among young adults taught me how to relate and that good customer service means asking, “Do you feel like I’ve helped you with this project or do you need more help?” Teaching means leading to a path of self-discovery where students learn to think for themselves and become independent lifelong learners.

From thesis statements to a graduate student’s thesis, I will guide for exceptional learning. I am qualified to tutor in AP, APA, and MLA styles.

Want to write a memoir? Let’s get an outline prepared. Want to write a screenplay? Let’s talk about inciting incidents and keeping the conflict growing with the industry standard formatting.

I earned a BS in mass communications and journalism from the University of North Carolina and continue my work as a journalist at Sandhills Sentinel. Journalism is a writing discipline that helps writers deliver concise, impactful information. This is a skill useful in every writing discipline and I am excited to teach you!

I earned my MFA in creative writing from Liberty University. My thesis’ artifact was a screenplay. I will be teaching creative writing and screenplay writing full time at the new NCFTV Arts Incubator when it begins.

As my student, I will proofread your work and share feedback. Your goals become my goals. Your success is my success. We can do this!

Contact me at with a brief on your needs.

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Exceptional customer service is a primary goal because happy people write better.

Stephanie Sellers

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Vass, North Carolina, USA


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